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Check out some of the frequently asked questions

Frequently Asked Questions Car Care Clinic

We've compiled a few of the frequently asked questions regarding transmission problems so that you understand how your vehicle's transmission works. At Car Care Clinic when you bring your vehicle to us we do a FREE 30-minute diagnosis before we advise you on what to do next. Our service is available in Mt. Vernon and Oak Harbor. Get in touch today!

Some common FAQs:

What do I do when the shifting feels different?

This can be an early warning signal that there are transmission problems. Bring the vehicle in for a free 30-minute diagnosis: it may save significant money over waiting for a complete transmission failure. There are many things it could be: an interrupted vacuum source, worn - frayed - misadjusted cable, malfunctioning sensor, etc. A minor adjustment now could take care of the problem. If left unchecked, it could develop into a more serious, costly problem.

What do I do when the transmission fluid is yellow, orange, brown or black?

Even if it doesn't smell burnt, you should get this checked. Your transmission fluid should be pink and translucent (there are a very few exceptions). If it's discolored, then you probably only need to get the transmission serviced. If it's burnt or varnished (you can tell by the smell) then a problem may already exist.

What do I do when my vehicle won't shift gears?

It's possible that your vehicle's computer may have put the transmission in fail-safe mode. If you bring it in; we can scan your onboard computer for trouble codes to determine the exact nature of the problem.

What do I do when my car won't move?

Check the transmission fluid level. If your car still won't move call us and we'll tow it in. There is no charge for this service with major repairs.

FREE 30 - minute diagnosis consists of: